The Mobile Music Museum Mobilizes Music Making!

From found objects that produce sound to body music and music-playing game rules, from various noisemakers and musical instruments to sound sculptures, the museum has been collecting, preserving and developing musical objects from all over the world and encouraging music making for 20 years.

The museum’s collections have been exhibited across Germany and internationally in cooperation with museums, exhibition houses, cultural educational institutions, schools, children's theaters and public events. 

Children, families and educators are fascinated and emboldened to make music through stage programs, ExplorExhibitions, daylong projects and open-air events.

MMM Video-Kollektion

Music4Kids videotrailer

MMM's latest News


Online registration for music4kids is now open!

Final deadline to register for music4kids at the musikmesse Frankfurt 2016 is December 18th 2015


Accompanying Events for the Exhibition: Workshops in Strasbourg

As part of the programme that will accompany the expansive one-year-long MMM exhibition Haste Töne? a series of sound workshops will be taking place in the science centre Le Vaisseau between Monday, January 18th 2016 and Wednesday, January 20th 2016. Come and learn about the construction of musical instruments in a fun and engaging...

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