Children's museums

Michael Bradke's half-year internship with an exhibition at the Cleveland Children’s Museum entitled “Music out of the ordinary" provided the fundamental source of inspiration that brought the Mobile Music Museum to life. The historic emergence of the European children’s museum scene through the Munich and Berlin symposiums brought in the first commissions for topic-centered exhibitions, appearances and workshops and, later, for entire exhibitions.


  • Kaleidoskop, Frankfurt
  • Kindermusem im Lehmbruckmuseum, Duisburg
  • Kindermuseum im Sprengelmuseum, Hannover
  • ZOOM-Kindermuseum, Vienna
  • Kindermuseum, Nuremberg
  • Kinder und Jugendmuseum, Munich
  • Kinderakademie, Fulda
  • Neues Universum, Berlin
  • MuBa, Milan
  • Klick Kindermuseum, Hamburg
  • Mathematikum, Giessen
  • Kid's Kingdom in the Deutsches Museum
  • Creaviva in the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
  • Kindermuseum, Noyabrsk
  • Children's Museum, Chicago
  • Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia
  • St. Louis Children's Museum
  • Papalote, Cuernavaca
  • Worldways Children's Museum, St. Louis