Science centers and museums of science and industry

Construction of exhibition pieces, exhibitions, conceptual work, special appearances, open-air events


  • Heureka, Helsinki: Musical World Tour and Cultural Claptrap shows
  • Universum Bremen: Earth Xylophone installation, open-air exhibition
  • Phaeno, Wolfsburg: Stage appearances, workshops, composition for 55 loudspeakers in ConeHall, Orchestra of Giants as an open-air exhibition, since the beginning
  • Deutsches Museum: Exhibition, "Sound structures," stage appearances, Earth Xylophone in the Kid's Kingdom, symposium, 2006
  • Kutxaepacio de la Sciencia, San Sebastian: Installation of the Tambores Parlanchin, 1999
  • DASA, Dortmund: Eight permanent installations, stage appearances, family music festivals, continued collaboration in the "Mach Musik!" exhibition since 1995
  • Franklin Institute, Philadelphia: Musical World Tour stage appearance, 1998
  • Science Center, Singapore: Twenty appearances in "Rainforest" and "Cultural Claptrap" since 2007
  • Fondazione Idis-CittĂ  della Scienza, Neapel: Provided exhibition pieces comprising the BitByteBeat, House of Mirrors, Loud-Quiet Instrument Wall, mit Suoni, MuBa
  • Danfoss Universum, Denmark: Row of pipebells and water organ, 2008
  • Science Festival, Luxembourg: Sounding Numbers, exhibition and show, 2009
  • experimenta Heilbronn: Seven exhibition pieces and stage appearance, 2009
  • LTA, Mannheim: Stage appearances, workshops
  • Science Days at the Science House of Rust, 2008
    Deutsches Technik Museum, Berlin: Monochord for the "Mathema" special exhibition, 2009