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Exhibition "Boing!! - SoundColourForm" at Science Festival Luxembourg
10.11.2011 - 13.11.2011
Sounding Picture Cube, Tunnel of Soundclours, Voice and Ear play with the conection of coulors and... [more]

Bochum: Rainforest Soundscape
09.10.2011 - 10.10.2011
11:00 and 13:00 Familyconcert at the Kammerspiele Bochum. Monday 10th wo schoolconcerts. [more]

Hearing Water, Schiltach
Interactive "Water Cycle"2011 Water Symposium"Our daily water: Fascinating element,... [more]

4 permanent Soundinstallations at the new Visitorcenter of Naturpark Our in Hosingen
4 new interactive soundinstalations are integreal part of the new visitor center of Naturpark Our. [more]

Exhibition "play" at Nancy Jazz Pulsations Festival
04.10.2011 - 16.10.2011
12 exhibits from Walkinbass to Samplophon are present at "Jazz Pulsations" at Nancy,... [more]

Hattersheim, Orchestra of Giants
Music school anniversary celebration. Orchestra of Giants [more]

Pilsen, Czechia, music4kids
01.07.2011 - 29.09.2011
music4kids on tour: 20 exhibits on 700 squaremeters at the Techmania Science Center, Pilsen. [more]

Hamburg, Planten und Bloemen, Kids Music Festival "Laut und Luise"
13:00 - 18:00 Since many many years the most big open air event of the MMM at Hamburgs most beautifull park,... [more]

Weimar, Klassikstiftung, Workshop for educators
Workshop for educators for the new Liszt exhibition of Klassik Stiftung Weimar   [more]

Munich, BMW Junior Campus, Tone Tubes and Musical World Tour
Join the MMM on a Musical World Tour during the Family Sunday at the BMW Junior Campus. The Tone... [more]

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