Mouth Music

An interactive musical games jamboree for children 5 years and up and their parents

  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Participants: up to 200 
  • Locations: children's theatres, primary schools, museum festivals and seminars
  • Equipment: provided by MMM
  • Suitable for open air eventss

Michael Bradke has travelled around the world for many years collecting games that have to do with sounds and other musical curiosities.

In his new fun-filled performance, "MouthMusic," he galvanizes the audience to participate in various acrobatics of the mouth and voice. After introducing how the voice works, he showcases cultural treasures featuring the human voice, such as the human beatbox, the shriek choir, the human piano, the talking drum and the Katajak syllabic throat singing games. The high point is his collection of curious mouth noises, from cheek pops and lip drumming to the mouth pop.

The interactive musical games from this collection have been showcased in Siberia, Singapore, USA, Canada, Russia, Israel, Spain, Porugal and Austria