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Interactive Soundscape: "The Water Cycle"

A hands-on show for children 5 years and up and their families

"The Water Cycle" is an interactive stage show that introduces audiences to the sounds of water in a multifaceted way. The element H2O will be examined with an emphasis on its physical, artistic and ecological aspects.

With the help of a collection of fascinating instruments and noise-makers that imitate the sounds of water, a soundscape depicting the natural hydrological cycle emerges.

Short stories enhance the experience, introducing the audience to a rainmaker from the desert, the onomatopoeia of water in language ("bubble," "gargle," "splish 'n splash") and the use of specialized noisemakers for theater and film productions.

The following instruments will be introduced, and participants will be able to try them out

  • Drops: Mouth
  • Rain: Hands, rainmaker, crackling foil
  • River: Gurgle bottle
  • Ocean: Wave drum
  • Sun: Gong
  • Steam: Steam whistle
  • Clouds: Thunder can
  • Wind: Wind pipe, jet stream generator
  • Lightning: Lightning plate
  • Thunder: Thunder plate

Technical information

  • All sounds are amplified.
  • Technical equipment provides the MMM.
  • Stage size: approx. 4x5 meters recommended but not required.

This program can also be combined with the Air Orchestra workshop. The Rainforest Soundscape stage show contains an abridged form of this program. Furthermore, it can also be experienced part of the H2O-Sound-Laboratory project seminar.


  • Regionale 2006 Remscheid
  • Singapore Science Center
  • Phaeno, Wolfsburg
  • Klangweg, Our Luxemburg