Pump Organ

Music from the drainage pipe

Each note has its own long organ pipe - made of drainage piping - with an extra pump. For up to 4 players.

Facts & Data

  • Materials - Ditch piping, aluminum piping, flip-flops
  • Sound - Flute notes
  • Setting - Inside or outside
  • Setup time - 10 minutes
  • Exhibition duration - Days, weeks, months
  • Space required - Approx. 300 x 300 cm

Ready…get set…go!

Find a few friends.
Pump air into the pipes with them.
Try your hand at composing a musical piece!


Every pipe makes a different pitch;
the pipes all have different lengths.


The air in a pipe starts vibrating when you pump. The pipe length determines the vibration that will fit in the pipe. The organ and the pan flute are good examples of Instruments that work this way. The pump organ you see here uses a scale made up of just five notes (a pentatonic scale) that leaps along in whole-step and even one-and- a-half-step intervals - leaps you can clearly hear - and see!

Links & Downloads

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