Loop Disco

Carpet of Sound: Music at every twist and turn

Contact points installed underneath a dance floor play sound and light up a disco ball when stepped on.

The following sets of sounds are available:

  • Pail-hop Carpet - with water sounds
  • Anatomical Sounds Disco - with sounds made by the organism of the human body
  • Loop Disco - with short music pieces that can be put together to form a greater whole

Stereo or Quadro sound are optional as well.

Facts & Data

  • Material - Core-board, carpet, lamps, loudspeakers, Mp3 players
  • Sound - Sung timbres
  • Where it can be setup - Inside
  • Set-up time - 3 hours
  • Duration for use - Days, weeks, months
  • Space requirements - App. 6 x 6 meters
  • Electricity - 220 V / 500 W

Ready...Get Set...Go!

Find some friends and stand on the dance carpet together. Use your feet to tap on the markings on the floor!