Earth Xylophone

Two on the left, two on the right: Make music using patterns of movement

The earth xylophone is a group instrument for up to 12 people. Players sit on benches in a circle around the  instrument and make music cooperatively in a team, playing with patterns of movement.

We have been able to build numerous earth xylophones in the framework of project weeks at day care centers, kindergartens and schools as well as continuing education courses. The instruments typically then remain at the institution where they were built.

Earth xylophones are also much loved as permanent outdoor installations.

Facts & Data

  • Materials - Spruce or bangkirai, mallets, cord
  • Sound - Wooden, high, can be heard well
  • Setting - Outside or inside, waterproof
  • Setup time - 5 minutes
  • Exhibition duration - Hours, days, weeks, months
  • Space requirements - 3 x 3 meters

Experience & Knowledge

  • movement pattern
  • improvisation
  • Schwingungsknotenpunkt
  • rhythm
  • vibration nodal point