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Idiophones: Instruments made of vibrating materials

The "Glocken-Spiel"!

Once set vibrating, idiophones ("self-playing instruments") independently continue to play themselves. Both the material the instrument is made of and the method of playing exert considerable influence on the sound - from shaking a rattle to rubbing a glass harmonica to striking two stones against each other. "Found objects" that work as self-playing instruments were most likely the first instruments known to mankind.

Earth Xylophone

Up to six people develop ways of working together as a team and cooperative patterns of movement.

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Bottle Gong

Play familiar melodies with 27 tuned bottles - over two octaves!


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Playfully explore the broad range of sounds stones can make.

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Uninhibited, boundless music making. Metallic pitches and sounds. All on a colorful collection of things you could find in the dump!

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Parameter Bells, aluminum

Discover how pitch is influenced by the length, diameter and wall thickness of various aluminum pipes.

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Parameter Bells, anodized

A design piece employing anodized pipes and stainless steel frames!

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Pillar Bells

Make music while running around the pipes!

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Knock on Wood

Twelve different pieces of wood placed in a circle invite players to join in on an age-old game, playing with sweeping movements and engaging in collective experiments in communication.

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Tetrachord ALU

Combine! Chimes, Bottle Gong, Lithophone and Xylophone as an ensemble.


Tetrachord Inox

Combine! Chimes, Bottle Gong, Lithophone and Xylophone as an ensemble.


Wobblepole and Pipebells

See and feel vibrational nodes.

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