Latest news of the MobilesMusikMuseum


Premiere of brand-new E-Tonetubes in Switzerland

From april 2014 there will be humming and gurgling sounds at the Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur[more]

14.03.14 - 14.03.14

Exhibition at Lago Maggiore

Sensorium: seven exhibits in Ascona, Switzerland[more]


Opening of MMM's largest permanent exhibition in Lille, France

The Forum des Sciences (Centre Francois Mitterand) in Lille presents BOING! and Music4Kids on a surface of 800 square meters. [more]


"Sein Motor ist Musik" (His engine is music)

A portrait of Michael Bradke in the "Libelle" magazine[more]


musik4kids at the International Music Fair in Frankfurt, Hall 5.0

10. - 14. march 2014 - for the 14th time - 8000 children, 3000 square meters, 1 week: This may well be the world's largest hands-on music-making exhibition![more]


Mouth Music in Paris

Performance at the exhibition "LA VOIX - l'expo qui vous parle" at Palais de la Découverte in Paris[more]


MMM in the desert: Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013

From November 14th to 23th 2013 the the MMM will be in Abu Dhabi for the third time. As in the last two years more than 100.000 visitors are expected. [more]


Boing!! at Bibiana, Bratislava

From October 18th 2013 to February 14th 2014 BOING!! is happening in the capital city of Slowakia: At Bibiana, the International House of Art for Children![more]



Youth Music Festival, Sachsen-Anhalt

October 1st and 2nd 2013 from 8 am to 4 pm the MMM presents an exhibition at the singing day ("Tag des Singens") in Halle.[more]