Open Air

Summer means festival fun in the sun! Four large, standalone MMM sound sculptures and orchestral apparatuses make their way around the country and the world every summer.

They allow up to 100 participants aged 2 and above the space and crazy instruments for unbounded musical exploration at open-air events hosted by institutions like museums, schools and cities.

  • Venues: Fields, streets, halls
  • Weather: Installations are weatherproof
  • Required space: 200 to 400 sqm
  • Age: 2 and up - fun for people of all ages!
  • Number of participants: Up to 100 people per installation
  • Technology: Provided by the MMM; water upon consultation
  • Setup time: Maximum of 1.5 hours, April through October
  • Transportation: VW bus and trailer

Further complementary options (outdoors):


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One circle, twenty-five tubs, and instruments that use water to make sound: the bottle-o-phone, the kerplunk clavier, the dunk gong and the flubbery funnelcone ... a wet-and-wild musical event not to be missed!   more ...

Orchestra of Giants

Between 8 and 15 humongous instruments like the monster flute, walking bass and earth xylophone are used to demonstrate how acoustics work and embolden people to play!
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Made of 80 meters of plastic orange underground construction piping. There are also drums, organs, whistles, pipe bells and pop-o-phones made of the same material.
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Found objects and revamped scrap metal car parts are installed in twenty multi-adjustable aluminum frames to make a great big Sheet Metal Symphony. Can be set up in a Shoji screen-like, 20 meter-long "Banging Blare Brigade" or in a circle-shaped "Tiger Cage" panorama. more ...

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