Air Orchestra

The airy human sound sculpture

The Air Orchestra consists of instruments that produce sounds by moving through the air. The sound is achieved by twirling them through the air on strings. This entices participants into experiencing the fun of movement and dance while producing rhythmic, melodic and atmospheric sounds.

The instruments can also be used for big orchestra animations.

  • For up to 100 kids or small groups

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Instruments to try out or for a full-scale workshop

Mosquito from Austria

Holzspatel, corks, rubber band and file cards fixed together sound like a swarm
of mosquitoes when they circle through the air.

audio sample.mp3 (50kb)

Humming Bow from Japan

where it used to be attached to the kites. The so-called “Unari” produces different humming sounds by itself in the wind. Held in your hand it will induce you to turning movements and dance. When attached to a piece of string and whizzed around your head, wild howling sounds come forth.

Turning Bird from China

An empty film container with a slit and string whistles like a bird.

audio sample.mp3 (28kb)

Whizzing Wood from Austria

this thin, lancetshaped piece of wood produces whizzing sounds as it swirls around on a string.

audio sample.mp3 (42kb)

Flying Bottle

A personal creation of the author, this instrument whistles in the wind just like it would if you were to blow on it.

Humming Disc from Siberia

A wooden disc puctured with holes very quickly whirls producing humming sounds.

Whizzing Pipe from the USA

A rippled pipe produces the whole range of high tones.

Fluttering Ribbon from Germany

Crepe-paper strips flutter through the air drawing figures in the sky.

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