Paper Music

Listen up and play along! Putting to paper the inventiveness of fun

  • Duration: 45-60 minutes, depending on the amount of participation generated
  • Space requirements: a stage, ca. 5x3 meters
  • Audience: 5 years and up, families, up to 120 children / 240 people

The audience is treated to a very special musical program during the first half of this seminar – the music of paper instruments! The paper-o-phone plays soaring melodies while the paper drum and kazoo swing out the blues; the piezzo paper is played in an all-new way while paper inserts transform the sounds of string bass and saxophone.

Then everyone gets the chance to build their own paper instruments and become real paper musicians. In the fast and furious finale, an entire paper orchestra makes itself heard, crumpling and rustling to the beat with rumple rattles, plucking drums, crinkle cracklers, blaring book flappers, the origami-like 5T Trumpet and the scrunch-´n-pop sandwich wrapper kazoo!

Michael Bradke has been making paper music in galleries and museums for many years now. Interestingly, it was his demo piece that would go on to become this hands-on activity and its many newly invented paper instruments. 

An article about Paper Music in the Grundschulzeitschrift (PDF, 285 kb, German)


  • Kinderfest Hamburg
  • Tonhalle Düsseldorf
  • Rheinisches Industrie Museum – Papiermühle Alte Dombach
  • Siemens Forum Vienna