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BOING!! - Sounds, Colors, Shapes

Listening Eyes, Seeing Ears

Music and the visual arts have a lot in common: they deal with colors, forms and shapes, rhythms and rows; they use interesting tools; they can copy things exactly or alter reality; and they play around with the principles of chaos and order.

  • Your choice of exhibitions according to your space requirements, timeframe and budget
  • Adding more on is possible; there are many possible ideas
  • Space requirements: 100 to 400 sqm
  • 20-60 visitors, 6 years and older, family audience
  • Duration: 1 day to multiple months
  • Find sound image and more references here >>

The BOING!! exhibition consists of about 10 interactive sound sculptures and a collection of pictures good enough to replace the originals of a museum if you show them in other exhibition spaces:

BOING!! on Tour

The BOING!! exhibition has been travelling across Europe for a few years now and could be visited in 

The complete BOING!! video playlist on Youtube >>

Student Artwork Collection

Fifty prizewinning artworks centered on the theme of "Sound," created by schoolchildren of all ages from all different types of schools for a 2001 competition by Saxony's State Ministry of Culture.

More information | Sample artworks

Picture-Sound Table BOING!! + Emo Table BOING!!

The smaller-scale alternatives to the larger Sounding Picturebox.

Exhibition information | Photos

Sounding Picture Boxes

Play a composition with flashlights of graphical notation.

Exhibition information | Photos | Video


Paint a rhythm and have the machine play it.

Exhibition information | Photos | Videos


Dada Lala Table

The mouth forms sounds: Kurt Schwitters singing the Ursonata See, Hear and thinking out phonetic poems.

More information | Photos | Video


What do love, sadness, anger, joy, impudence and fear sound like?

Exhibition information | Photos | Videos


Big-Small / Loud-Quiet instrument wall

Instruments look like they sound.
Assign sounds to graphics and words
to compose a musical piece with words or graphics.

Exhibition information | Photos | Video

House of Mirrors

Multiply and warp your own voice and reflection in mirrored rooms.

Exhibition information | Photos

Composition Machine

Plug in optical patterns with wooden pegs and hear them played back as compositions.

Exhibition information | Photos | Video

Fast and Furious Wall

Turning rhythm into notes - at jetspeed

More information | Photos | Video

Tunnel of Sound Colors

U plus E is Ü, blaU plus gElb is grÜn: Experience mixtures of colors and sound colors.

More information | Photos | Video

Dot Dias

Put together rows and sequences with 76 colorful plates or just throw down chaos - and then sing it as a composition!

Exhibition information | Photos


Create sound landscapes: This is where the ear sees the city, the ocean or the rainforest. 

Exhibition informaiton | Photos | Video