Heartbeat Tables

BpM - Beats per minute

These two tables focus on the rhythms created by the heartbeat. They were created for the “Heartbeat: Slow, regularly recurring patterns and pulses” portion of the Sounding Numbers exhibition.

Facts & Data

  • Materials - B1 wood, headphones, pulse sensor, drum pad and drum mallets | Yamaha DJXII 
  • Sounds in the space - Drumsticks on rubber (not with the BPM table)
  • Setting - Inside
  • Setup time - Approx. 15 minutes
  • Exhibition duration - Days, weeks, months
  • Space needed -  300 x 300 cm
  • Electricity - 220 V / 200 W

BPM Table

Players can use a pulse sensor to measure the tempo of their pulse. At the DJ station across the table, players can use the pulse feed to set the musical tempo, either automatically or by entering it manually.

Heartbeat Table

A hand sensor turns the heartbeat of one participant into the sound of a bass drum while a second participant sits across the table and improvises along with on an electronic snare drum. Both of them, of course, can hear what the other is doing. Note: Heartbeats are not nearly as steady as you might expect!