Musical Tables

The Casino of Sounds: for up to 40 players 

Michael Bradke is at work on a series of "Musical Tables" that use musical electronic and sensor-to-midi technology. Each little round table can seat 4 to 6 players, who make music together or experiment with sounds while listening to each other through headphones.

These Musical Tables, which are nearly silent for outside observers, are ideal for use in museums, children's museums and science centers.

Link to Musical Tables Exhibition + References

Link to Electronic Instruments

Musical Table as a permanent installation outdoors

Picture Sound Tables

Play with graphical notation!


DJ Console Table

Make music with electronics!

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Heartbeat Tables

Hear your heart as a bass drum.

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Give it a Listen Table

Just for the fun of listening!

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Miniature musical marvels

Things from everyday life sound so interesting!

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Loop Table

Drum on surfaces and loop like a DJ!



Loop, scratch, be a DJ!


Sensor Table

The studio for electronic music

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Sequencer Table

Work out a musical pattern.

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Solo Table

Make music - all by yourself!

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Voice Transformer Table

From monster to mouse: Change the sound of your voice while singing!

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Drumming Table, for Five Players

Drum together!

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Drumming Table, for Eight Players

Really drum together!

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