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Area 1: Tempo and Pulse

Computing rhythm!

The first portion of the exhibition is about slow patterns that can be counted and calculated per minute. These regularities have a tempo, are put together into measures by using emphasis and can be doubled or divided in half.

Eco Table

Organic Rhythms: Pulses found in and around us: Participants use drops, heartbeats, steps and clocks to make their own percussive piece.
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BPM Table

Measure your heartrate and transcribe its musical tempo using a DJ kit!

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Heartbeat Table

Hear your heartbeat as a bass drum and drum along with it on a snare.

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Drum Table

Wholes, halves, quarters, eighths, sixteenths: Doing division with drumming.

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0 and 1. Beat and offbeat. Drawing and hearing patterns and rhythms.

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Hear 2 against 3 or 3 against 4, create polymetric tensions using the magical number 12, and groove like mad! The Omele Machine is an archaic-mechanical rhythm-computer!

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