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Michael plays "real" music too ...

...with percussion, string bass and “found objects”

For the sheer love of it, Bradke plays samba on the huge surdo drum every year in the Dusseldorf Carnival Street Fair, string bass in two bands and – of course – improvises freely on “found objects.” 

Samba School

Samba was an important musical school of its own. In 1975, the Engstfelds, a Dusseldorf musician family, started the Street Samba Carnival Group. Since then, Carnival visitors are brought to dancing almost every year during the Tonnenrennen in Dusseldorf-Oberkassel. More ...

Evora: Latin Jazz

Evora has been playing for more than 25 years now, and the band has retained almost all of its original members. Evora plays wrenching bossa nova, hot samba and danceable Latin jazz for business parties, weddings, pubs, museums, conferences and street festivals. A band that really knows its stuff, Evora brings along with it an exhilarating sense for interactive fun.


Stringtime is a “strings-only” swinging ensemble that plays blues and jazz with singers. Its repertoire, put together primarily by blues and jazz enthusiasts, predominantly comes from the period between 1910 and 1950. More ...

Gallery Music and Performances

Michael Bradke has been improvising at vernissages, events, company and museum parties since 1987 on the string bass and on “found objects,” providing audiences with “ear candy” and musical examinations of interesting materials and spaces. More ...