Area 2: Pitch and Parametrics

Curling frequencies

At high speed, pulses become pitches, and participants alter these pitches using a "the more the merrier and the sooner the better" style pattern.

Weight Powered Monochord

Made of stainless steel, with bravado and amplification.
Pitch is determined by the string's own weight.

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Lots of regularities (per second) create a pitch. Blow on the punched disc with a straw, use a crank to turn up the tempo, hear a pitch.

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The marvelous voice transformer

Hear the pitch of your voice multiplied by two or divided in half! Make your voice sound as monotone as a robot's!

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Parameter Bells

Following the trail: How do wall thickness, length and diameter affect things?

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Walking Bass

The shorter, the higher; the longer, the lower - investigate this string length-pitch principle on the world's first ever "walking bass"!

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Stainless Steel Slam Organ

Five tubes of differing lengths yield five different pitches.

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