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Touch The Music!

Learn about acoustics and develop your sense of boldness in making music

The interactive musical exhibition "Touch The Music!" consists of various sound sculptures that inspire visitors to play and experiment with notes and sounds.

Along with their aesthetic and playful qualities, the large, robust exhibitions allow for creative cross-referencing between and among the topics of instrument buildings, acoustical physics, music, language and movement.

For this exhibition, all available MMM loan exhibitions can be mixed and matched according to the desired topic, space requirements, budget and number of visitors.

  • Children 3 years and up, families, adults
  • Space: 50 to 1000 sqm
  • Duration: one-day events or multiple months
  • Setup time: 1-3 days

Moskau - Garage, 2012

  • 29th June 2012 - 25th September 2012
  • At the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture
  • 30 exhibits for 3 months
  • Link to Garage Center >>

Warshaw - Copernicus, 2012

Further References

  • 2010 Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart
  • 2009 Phaeno, Wolfsburg
  • 2007 Science Center Lugano, Italy
  • 2006 Kinderstadt, Bozen
  • 2005 Deutsches Museum Munich, Kid's Kingdom
  • 2004 Heimatmuseum, Soltau
  • 2001 Kinder und Jugend Museum, Munich
  • 2000 Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Dresden
  • Since 2001 part of music4kids
    at the Frankfurt international music fair
  • 1999 Fez Berlin