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School of Samba

An interactive musical program for young and old alike

Designed for 10-100 participants, the School of Samba is a quick, fast-paced outdoor play-along activity or as an intensive workshop for smaller groups.

After the audience is divided up into respective instrumental groups, an introduction to the instruments and to the most important basic rhythms is given. Before long, the quickfire exchange between the groups unfolds into an explosive samba batucada.

MMM provides the following instruments for use: Giant rattles, tambourines, clicking dowels (Claves), bells, tin-can tambourines, triangles, drums, ratchets, surdos (bass drums).

If requested, the highly skilled samba musicians of the Latin Jazz band Evora can be present at the workshop as well to offer their assistance.


  • Laut und Luise Hamburg
  • Karneval in Dusseldorf and Cologne
  • Jazzfest Hilden
  • Tonhalle Dusseldorf
  • IAA Frankfurt
  • Domforum Cologne
  • Theaterhaus Dusseldorf

An open-air, hands-on activity for 10-100 players or an intensive workshop for smaller groups. Instruments are provided. The School of Samba can also be designed as a musical parade. Suited for children 5 years and up, youth and adults.