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Sounding Numbers Show

Mathemusic: On beat, tempo and pitch, vibration and musical patterns

  • Duration: approx. 45-50 minutes
  • Stage: size 4x3 meters or larger ideal but not required
  • Suitable for open air events
  • Equipment: wireless microphones also available upon request.
  • Participants: age 4 years and up, families

This interactive stage program combines music and math with humor, hands, heart and mind.
With the help of our hands, feet and voice, we take a look at the musical-mathematical regularities to be found in our bodies: heartbeats and heart flutters, beat and rhythm, even and uneven time, how beats are added, order and chaos, cardinal numbers and counting when drumming.
The magical “Dozen in the Hand“ and the “Mystery of the Landeleberwurst” are used to explain polymetric occurrences (don’t worry: it sounds more complicated than it is!).
We look at the "standing wave" and whole numbers, overtones and formants with the help of the voice, the trumpet and the howling hose as well as the pricking saw, the pipe bell and the wobblepole.
We explore the musical patterns that emerge when we take our names and turn them around, backwards or upside-down.
We teach our voices how to climb up steps and slide down glissandos and discover how the Marvelous Voice Transformer can take any pitch we sing and divide it in half or multiply it by two.


  • Forum Wissenschaftkommunikation in Bremerhaven, 2008
  • Siemens Forum at the ZOOM children's museum of Vienna, 2009
  • Matheon at the TU - Berlin, 2009
  • Science Festival in Luxemburg, 2009