Join In! - Interactive Stage Shows

Clap, sing, dance, listen and be amazed – for large groups! 

Some of the MobileMusicMuseum collections can only be presented by an intermediary.  For these purposes Michael Bradke stages appearances in which the audience always actively participates in. 

  • Participants: up to 250 school children / families
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes, suitable as an in-between presentation
  • Setup: 15-60 minutes
  • Stage: 3x4 meters, or according to prior agreement, without stage possible
  • Locations: theatres, schools, museums, science centres, parks, festivals, suitable for open air events
  • Technology: provided by the MMM
  • Transportation: arrival on a plane or via train are both an option

Click to watch a 19:26 minutes long video showing the entire stage programme @ TEDxAveiro in Portugal, 2011

Rainforest soundscape

A journey through the origins of music in a wonderful soundscape where communication happens using sound.

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Cultural Claptrap

This is one of the world’s most unique collections of musical hand-sounds. A joyful way to learn the basics of tone colors, meter, beat and tempo.
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Sounding Numbers Show

From slow and fast regularities, beats, tempo, pitches, vibrations and harmonies to musical patterns. Do math with your music and let the numbers be heard!
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Mouth Music

Cultural treasures of the human voice revealed: This fun show spellbinds the audience and coaxes them into joining in on all the mouth and voice acrobatics.
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Musical World Tour

A journey round the globe with clapping, mouth music and dancing. This classic has been performed around the world more than 1000 times.

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Orchestral Games

The Tone Tube Swing Band wails, the Body Sounds Orchestra crackles and pops. The ScreechChoir hardly finishes its ear-splitting performance before the audience transforms into a School of Samba.
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Samba School

The Samba School, for 20-200 participants, can either be a short and racing outdoor playalong activity or an intensive workshop for smaller groups.
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Water Cycle

This interactive stage show introduces the audience to the sounds of water. In a multifaceted way, the element H2O is examined with an emphasis on its physical, artistic and ecological aspects.
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