Overview of the traveling exhibitions

The MMM collection of 40 interactive sound sculptures can be loaned out individually or as a complete, theme-based exhibition.

  • Visitors: 20-400 children of 4 years of age or older / family audience
  • Visit duration: 45 – 90 minutes
  • Setup time: 3 hours to 3 days
  • Space requirements: 100 to 2500 sqm, specifics to be discussed
  • Venues: gymnasiums, halls, exhibition spaces, trade fair grounds, schools, museums, science centers
  • Technology: provided by MMM
  • Transportation: VW bus with trailer (7.5-ton weight limit)

All exhibition materials are extremely robust, interactive and correspond to the hands-on philosophy of children's museums and science centers. Some of them function only when operated by multiple players, just like regular music-making is only possible in groups that work together.


Loan exhibitions

  • Comprehensive overview of the sound sculptures that can be loaned
  • Categorized according to instrument groups and topics
  • More ...


  • MMM's flagship event
  • The largest interactive exhibition of its kind in the world 
  • Regular guest at the international music fair in Frankfurt since 2001 
  • The secret recipe for pure fun: 1 week + 40 exhibition pieces + 2500 sqm + 8000 children!
  • More...

Sounding Numbers

  • Hear math
  • Explore the relationships between tempo, measures and sound 
  • Calculate rhythm and divide notes
  • See harmonies and hear whole numbers 
  • More ...

Musical Tables

  • The musical casino of sounds 
  • A studio for electronic music and experimentation
  • Dialogue at 9 "round tables" with earphones
  • More ...

Touch The Music!

  • Learn about the basics of acoustical physics
  • Gain the courage to play along with 
  • Play with large sound sculptures and orchestral machines
  • More ...

Boing!! Sounds Colors Shapes

  • Listening eyes and seeing ears
  • Combine visual art and music
  • Compose with graphical notation 
  • Explore the colors and shapes of sound
  • More ...