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Loan Exhibits

The MMM collection of more than 80 interactive sound sculptures can be loaned out individually or as a complete, theme-based exhibition.


  • Target group - 20-400 children of 4 years of age or older / family audience
  • Duration - 45-90 minutes
  • Setup time - 3 hours to 3 days
  • Space requirements - 100-2500 sqm, specifics to be discussed
  • Venues - gymnasiums, halls, exhibition spaces, trade fair grounds, schools, museums, science centers
  • Technology - provided by MMM
  • Transportation - VW bus with trailer (7.5-ton weight limit)

All exhibition materials are extremely robust, interactive and correspond to the hands-on philosophy of children's museums and science centers. Some of them only work when operated by multiple players - meaning music-making is only possible in groups.


Stringing you along - with strings attached - these instruments really string you a line. The common thread between them? They're all string instruments!

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With these wind instruments, there's music in the air! 

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Drumroll, please ... instruments made of membrane!

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"Self-playing instruments": Material that keeps playing itself once set vibrating.

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From electrons to machines to instruments ... instruments which turn 1's and 0's into electronic music!

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SoundColorShape: The interconnectedness of all your senses!

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