Scratch, Loop, be a DJ

A DJ pult to play and experiment with!

Facts & Data

  • Materials - MDF, metal frame, electronics
  • Sounds within the space - None (sounds can only be heard through headphones)
  • Setting - Inside
  • Setup time - 25 minutes
  • Exhibition duration - Days, weeks, months
  • Space needed - 150 x 250 cm
  • Electricity - 220 V / 200 W

Ready...get set...go!

  • Have a look at the manual below.
  • Put on the headphones.
  • Turn the disc and carefully push or turn the switches.


The music changes and becomes faster, slows down or even stops.


Today, music pieces are often created digitally, either in studios or at home on the computer. The voice and other sounds can be alienated, be put in loops and modified. Have fun experimenting with your friends!

Links & downloads

Click here to log in for more information regarding technical specifications and details involved; password can be requested from Michael Bradke