Area 4: The Perpetual Patterns of Music Making

Putting together all the smaller pieces to form the bigger picture

Music is made up of pitches, pulses, tempo and sound colors. Players often use short motifs and layer them one atop the next, repeat them or change them in some way to make music.

Loop Disco

In this exhibit, dancing triggers musical patterns that can be put together to form a piece of music!

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Loop Samplophone

Use short loops and patterns to create a piece of music. This exhibit is a good alternative to the Loop Disco, which requires a larger space.
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Brother John Variation Box

Participants can take a melody and shrink it, stretch it and turn it inside-out or upside-down with a flashlight and musical notation.

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Composing Machine

Peg the patterns, pedal hard and hear the music!

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Dot Dias

Using colorful plates, create intentional patterns and rows or just put them together at random. Then use what you’ve made as musical notation and sing it back! (Optional; best suited for workshops.)
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Dance Space

Patterns of movement and music in 3 or in 5 - experience how it feels to dance out numbers, chaos and order!
(Optional; available upon request)